Student Diversity in Higher Education: Conflicting Realities

student diversity

Papers from the EAN's 20th Anniversary Conference
at VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
20th - 22nd June 2011

Edited by Michael Cooper, Special Advisor, EAN
Published by the European Access Network, London, U.K. 2012

With the global economic crisis, tensions affecting policies to widen access and participation have become more acute. External pressures on institutions have increased and their activities have come under greater scrutiny from government and other bodies with increasing demands that they provide an education which is of value to society in a cost-efficient manner. One of the results of this is that in some cases institutions are showing a tendency to shift from aiming to provide education for all groups in society in order to concentrate on seeking funding for high quality research and thereby attract top-class students, particularly those who can pay. There are also those who continue to pursue the false argument that admitting a wider range of students has a negative impact on quality, thus on ranking and, in the final analysis, on funding. It is essential to continue to demonstrate to institutions, governments and other funding organisations that diversity in the student population has, in fact, a positive impact on the quality of the education provided.

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