Crossing Borders: Diversity in Higher Education
( Migration, Integration and Lifelong Learning)..

crossing borders

Papers from EAN's 17th Annual Conference
at Technische Universitat, Berlin, Germany.
30th June - 2nd July 2008

Edited by Michael Cooper, Executive Director, EAN
Published by the European Access Network, London, UK, 2008

The EAN annual conference in Berlin in 2008 addressed an issue which is becoming increasingly important in the world today, that of migrating populations and their need of higher education. This need has many different facets, from the relatively basic idea of students completing part of their degree programme in a university in a country other than their home country or looking for a programme which is not available in their country to migrant populations forced by the political, social or economic situation in their native country to seek a new life elsewhere. Each particular type of situation places its special requirements on higher education institutions. In the case of exchange or study abroad students the issues are perhaps primarily intercultural and linguistic; the students have usually made an active choice and thus to a certain extent are prepared. However, this does not mean that success is automatic. Both students and institutions need to adjust and even though the situation is, in many cases, of a temporary nature (this type of student tends to return home after completing their study period) this requires considerable effort on the part of both parties.

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