Higher Education in Diverse Communities: Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives

HE in diverse communities

Edited by Fran Ferrier & Margaret Heagney, 2008

This volume describes, analyses and celebrates the ongoing work in encouraging and supporting greater and more successful participation in higher education by people from all social groups. The book has a focus on three aspects of the work: embracing diversity; connecting with communities; and enhancing the student experience, and provides diverse perspectives and experiences from many different national settings, higher education systems and individual institutions.

We see an increasing international dimension to the idea that access to success is not just a pleasant social goal but is in fact an increasingly necessary component of nation building and individual advancement. The book covers issues ranging from the quality of the student experience, to the perception of “success”, to the role of careers services, and offers detailed analysis from both practice and research perspectives on issues of equality in employment, the role of employers, the impact of policies on diversity, and educational factors that affect employment.



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