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Retrospective for Perspective Access and Widening Participation 1991-2041

EAN 25th Annual Conference | Silver Jubilee Celebration
University College Dublin, Ireland
29th - 31st May 2016 ... more >

Advocating for access, equity, inclusion and diversity in higher education: Politics, Policies, Power and Persuasion

EAN 24th Annual Conference
Hotel Bristol Conference Centre, Oslo, Norway
7th - 9th June 2015
... more >

Hidden Potential or Hollow Promise? Can Technologies Deliver Wider Access and Success in Higher Education?

The 23rd EAN Annual Conference John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2014 Monday 2nd - Thursday 4th June ... more >

The Evolution of Access: Adapt to Survive? New Challenges and Opportunities in Widening Participation in Higher Education

The 22nd EAN Annual ConferenceIn collaboration with the Council of Europe The Agora, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France 2013 Monday 3rd - Wednesday 5th June ... more >

Access to Higher Education: is it a right, a privilege or a necessity?
(Affordability, Quality, Equity & Diversity)

The 21st EAN Annual Conference University of Zagreb, Croatia 27th – 29th June 2012 ... more >

Student Diversity in Higher Education:Conflicting Realities
(Tensions affecting policy and action to widen access and participation)

The EAN 20th Anniversary Conference VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands 20th - 22nd June 2011

From Access to Success: Closing the Knowledge Divide
(Higher education for under-represented groups in the market economy)

The 19th EAN Annual Conference Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden Mon 14th - Wed 16th June 2010 ... more >

Changing the Culture of the Campus Towards an Inclusive Higher Education - Ten Years On

The 18th EAN Annual Conference York St.John University, England, UK 22nd June-24th June 2009 ... more >

Crossing Borders: Diversity in Higher Education (Migration, Integration and Lifelong Learning)

The 17th EAN Annual Conference Technische Universitat Berlin (see map), Germany 30 June – 2 July 2008 ... more >

Access to Success: The Student Experience from Pre-Entry to Employment

The 16th EAN Annual Conference The National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland 27th - 29th June 2007 ... more >

Dialogue across sectors: synergies for success? Smoothing the pathway for student transition.

The 13th EAN Annual Conference University of Antwerp, Belgium 4th - 6th July 2004 ... more >

Parity of Access Across Europe? Equity and Future Higher Education Development: The EAN's contribution to the Bologna Process

The 12th EAN Annual Conference Charles University, Faculty of Humanities, Prague, Czech Republic 29th June - 2nd July 2003 ... more >

Under-Privileged but not Under-Achieving. Improving Completion Rates among Disadvantaged Students

2002 Annual Conference Monash University at Prato, Italy 19th-22nd June 2002 ... more >

Can Collaboration Widen Participation? Examining the evidence

The 10th EAN Annual Conference University of Glasgow, Scotland 2001 ... more >

Widening Access to Higher Education: the Unfinished Business. An Evaluation for the Millennium

The 9th EAN Annual ConferenceUniversity Santiago di Compostela and the Compostela Group of Universities, Spain 2000 ... more >

Changing the Culture of the Campus: Towards an Inclusive Higher Education

The 8th EAN Annual Conference University of Malta 1999 ... more >

Access to a Market-Orientated Higher Education

The 7th EAN Annual Conference Tallinn Technical University, Estonia 1998

The future of Access to Higher Education: Hazards and Opportunities

The 6th EAN Annual Conference Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland 1997 ... more >

Beyond Access - Diversity and Opportunity in European Higher Education

The 5th EAN Annual Conference ECHO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1996

Addressing Under-Representation in European Higher Education

The 4th EAN Annual Conference Cambridge University with the Council of Europe, UK 1995

Crossing the Frontiers: Access to Higher Education in Eastern and Western Europe

The 3rd EAN Annual Conference Technical University, Berlin, Germany 1994 ... more >

Access to Success: Widening Education & Training Opportunities for Women in Europe

The 2nd EAN Annual Conference Britannia International Hotel, London, UK 9-11 June 1993 ... more >


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